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Begin or continue learning about this rich subject through books. Knowledge is key to understanding all aspects of collecting, browsing and fully appreciating early and antique jewelry. Featured New Markdowns! Wedding Rings All Wedding Rings. An excellent reference guide for jewelry dating from the late 18th through the 20th century. Thoroughly researched, well organized in a factual, easy to use presentation. How to be a Jewelry Detective by C. Jeanenne Bell — good simple “facts” and reference about the basics of jewelry.

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Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. The Victorian era marked a time dedicated to religion and love. Hands, hearts, crosses and knots were common motifs in the jewellery of the time, as well as symbolism drawn from nature – birds, flowers, trees. Snake jewellery was a popular representation of eternal love.

The gentlemen of the day were a far cry from the dazzling Incroyables of the Georgian era.

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The bright light emanating from the stars has attracted people from time immemorial. A Greek lyric poet Sappho wrote in 7 th century B. The Victorian Grand period in jewellery was a time of expeditions, travels, and archaeological discoveries. A passion for history associated this period with a revival of ancient jewellery styles. This could be the reason why the mystical crescent moon and stars were often a source of inspiration for jewellery craftsmen during the Victorian period.

Our unique Victorian jewellery collection consists of necklaces, bracelets, brooches, earrings and rings decorated with beautiful designs in the form of crescents and stars. Each piece interpreted the star motif in their own way by creating numerous variations of designs.

A history of jewellery

M id-Victorian women were competing with men for jobs as clerks, teachers, factory inspectors and they were fighting to win the right to vote. Suddenly they had their own money, and a change in the laws c. A passion for ancient history fueled by archaeological discoveries and written accounts of the exploits of ancient civilizations made this period ripe for revivals of ancient jewelry styles.

The jewelry business flourished throughout Europe.

Declaration: Victorian Walnut And Tunbridge Ware Jewelry Box,Dating Back To C has been declared an antique and was approved for sale on.

This article will offer some tips on how to analyze and date antique jewelry. Zoe, CC-BY Jewelry mirrors time, culture, and societal values. It reflects the taste and attitude of every period in history. Luckily, there are definitely clues that can be used in deciphering how old your jewelry is. The older and more rare the piece of jewelry, the more valuable it will be. There are many more clues than just five, but these are quick and easy ways to help determine the age of your jewelry.

The invention of different earring findings will help date your jewelry. Jewelry findings are ready made pieces that jewelers use such as clasps, pin stems, hinges, etc. Fittings refer to the parts that can be custom-made for a piece. This drawing shows the styles when they were introduced into the market.

Victorian Walnut And Tunbridge Ware Jewelry Box ,Dating Back To C.1850.

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Victorian (): Named after the reign of Queen Victoria, this style of components and details are very telltale when it comes to dating the jewelry.

Vintage jewelry is jewelry that is at least 30 years old, while antique jewelry must be older than a century. This means that there are many different types of vintage and antique jewelry based on fashion trends, manufacturing styles, popular materials, and jewelry stamps. One of the most telling ways to identify your jewelry is by its style, which can correspond to a specific time period or area. This cute little snake ring has a pair of ruby eyes and a diamond head.

This beautiful filigree bow piece embodies the Edwardian aesthetic. This brass ring shows typical Art Nouveau detailing; note the nude woman and the flowing, organic lines. This white gold art deco ring is set with diamonds. In addition to these historical styles, there are also some regionally-specific types of jewelry:.

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Considering the day and age, probably a diamond engagement ring or gold wedding band. But while these specific traditions are less than a hundred years old, people have been expressing their love through jewelry for, well, probably forever. Fede rings, depicting clasped hands, are one of the oldest forms of jewelry, dating back to Roman times; Europeans revived the style in the twelfth century, and their period of greatest prevalence lasted through the eighteenth which is when ours is from!

Collecting Victorian jewelry can be fun and frustrating, especially for the The early portion is known as the Romantic period and dates from.

Wearing jewelry in remembrance of our beloved dead is a tradition that originated in the 16 th century, but the fashion for mourning jewelry reached its height during the reign of Queen Victoria. Victorian mourning jewelry, particularly those pieces dating to the earlier part of this era, are of special interest to lovers of antique jewelry due to its uniquely personal nature; few other styles of jewelry allow such an intimate glimpse into the past.

It is idiosyncratic elements such as these that make Victorian mourning jewelry so rewarding to collect, study and enjoy. Before the rise of our modern entertainment and fashion industries, fashion was dictated by the nobility and members of court. When Queen Victoria ascended to the throne of England in at the age of 18 she became the last word on fashion. Victoria had been very gently raised by her over-protective mother and her resulting sentimentality and strict adherence to propriety colored not only the moral tone but the fashion trends of her reign.

Young Queen Victoria was madly in love with Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and in February of they celebrated a magnificent royal wedding. Early Victorian mourning jewelry reflects her romantic mood; it is extremely personal and sentimental. Mourning jewelry of this period is hand-made on a smaller scale, delicately detailed and hand engraved.

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Victorian and Edwardian rings currently fall into the antique category. This advance makes jewelry dating much easier – if a piece is made with platinum, we​.

This lava stone cameo depicts Cupid in a Neo-Classical design set in a silver mounting. She ascended to the throne of the United Kingdom in and died in Those sixty-four years witnessed enormous changes in industry, society, fashion, and, of course, jewelry. For example, it started with horse-drawn carriages and candlelight and ended with automobiles and electricity.

However, some elements endured and saw transformations, some of which can help date a piece. For example, hair jewelry was worn in the Romantic Period, but its popularity reached its zenith during the Grand Period.

Victorian Jewelry

Tags: antique jewellery , Antique Jewelry , British Hallmarks , dating hallmarked jewelry , English 18th c. Did you recently purchase your first piece of English antique jewelry? Would you like to know what the marks stamped on your jewelry mean? While most of this post is for those new to the English hallmarking system, there is at least one piece of information that I guarantee you will be news to a number of collectors and perhaps even a few dealers, read on to find out.

A hallmark identifies the type of precious metal and the fineness or purity of that metal.

Bentley & Skinner Victorian cameo brooch brooches were made of thorns and flint, while pins crafted from metal date back to the Bronze Age.

T he primary reason for investing in antique jewelry, as opposed to other works of art, is the simple fact that it can still be put to its original purpose, that being to complement beauty and fashion. Some collectors enjoy antique jewelry for its historic or academic value, but most also appreciate jewels from a bygone era that still serves to flatter modern styles and at the same time add that inimitable touch of antique charm.

T hough casual buyers of estate and antique jewelry still tend to associate most old pieces of jewelry with the Victorian era, there are definite characteristics that serve to identify those that are, in fact, verifiably Victorian, or dating from the 64 year reign of Queen Victoria of England V ictoria Alexandrina assumed the British throne at the very crest of the wave known as Romantic Revivalism, a movement marked by the most complex and fastest changing jewelry fashions the world has ever seen.

Still a teenager when she was crowned, Victoria was the very paradigm of marital bliss upon her marriage to Prince Albert. Their love for each other was celebrated throughout the British empire and to such a degree that whatever Victoria adopted as fancy, her loyal legions turned into fashion. J ust as Victoria’s tastes influenced the aristocracy of the day, so did that aristocracy dictate the fashions of the masses, with disastrous results for the jewelry trade in the latter years of her reign.

Following the death of Prince Albert in , the wearing of jewelry during the day fell rapidly out of fashion.

The Buck Stops Here: Hallmarks aid in validating Victorian jewelry’s value

Late s to s It is always fun when a ring is inscribed with a date, taking the guess work out of circa dating. Although jewelry is sometimes seen with a much later inscription than when it was actually made, that is not the norm. Rings from the early s that are not dated may also have features to help identify them.

Stones in that period were often set in a close-backed mounting, and sometimes foiled as well.

Dating Brooch Fasteners – to By Mark Chervenka EARLY SAFETY CATCHES – Around , jewelers begin experimenting with ways to more securely Victorian Rope Love Knot Motif Pin Brooch Gold Filled c Clasp Tube Hinge.

Collecting Victorian jewelry can be fun and frustrating, especially for the novice collector. The frustrating part stems from several factors, beginning with missing hallmarks on most American-made items, which is typical of the Victorian era. Hallmarks provide collectors with a myriad of information, such as what type of metal was used to make the item, plus when and where it was made. Things get even more confusing because stones may be genuine, a doublet, synthetic or a spinel.

A brief history lesson is in order before delving into these points in more detail. A perfect example of Bohemian garnets set with tsavorite garnets to mimic the richer look of rubies and emeralds. Photo courtesy Melanie C. Because this spans more than six decades, antique jewelry collectors break the Victorian era down into three distinct time periods.

The early portion is known as the Romantic period and dates from until

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These types of jewelry date to different periods as well. Continue to learn more about the similarities and differences between them. Memento mori jewelry motifs depict skulls, skeletons, worms, coffins and other symbols of death, just as they did in other artistic renderings of the day such as paintings and sculptures.

Shop for-and learn about-Victorian and Edwardian Jewelry. The Victorian Era spanned Queen Victoria’s rule of England from until During this time,.​.

Jewelry from the Victorian era is renowned for its exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. This stunning pendant is no exception. Crafted in a lovely mix of yellow and rose gold, this handmade piece has developed a rainbow patina that is absolutely breathtaking. The floral design is beautifully crafted in three-dimensions and accented with three ivory pearls. This Victorian pendant is a true work of art, perfect for an equally special lady. Antique Victorian 14k yellow and rose…. View auction details, art exhibitions and online catalogues; bid, buy and collect contemporary, impressionist or modern art, old masters, jewellery, wine, watches, prints, rugs and books at sotheby’s auction house.

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